4th and 5th Grade Spanish


Hola! Mi nombre es...

 Señorita Murphy

Class Info:  The ability to communicate is essential in any language. In 4th and 5th Grade Spanish class, students will be introduced to new vocabulary, grammar, and foreign culture traditions. 

Homework, Tests, & Projects: Each Week, I will place homework, upcoming exams, and upcoming projects on the schedule. PowerPoints and activities conducted during the class will also be uploaded to the class page. Students will be aware well ahead time of upcoming exams and assignments to preapre for the material.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: mmurphy@stthomasschool.net

5th Grade Final Exam
The 5th grade with be taking a 2 part final exam this trimester. I have split the test into 2 parts simply for time reasons - I do not want anyone to be overwhelmed! Part 1 consists of multiple choice questions. Part 2 consists of "short answer" questions, meaning fill in the blanks or 1 sentence responses. The dates for this test have been posted on the calendar! This is an OPEN NOTEBOOK final exam. We will review for this test extensively and students will be allowed to use these review notes while taking the test.