All About Me

Yo soy Señorita Murphy

Welcome, parents and students, to Spanish class! My name is Miss Murphy and I am so very thrilled to be the resident Spanish teacher here at St. Thomas the Apostle. I graduated from Lindenhurst Senior High School in 2008, where my love of languages was first cultivated. I went on to receive my BA in Hispanic Language and Literature from Stony Brook University, where I also studied Italian extensively. I recently completed my MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University.

I absolutely love learning new things, and learning new languages is an incredible way to do so. I look forward to teaching my students about Hispanic cultures through the use of language and literature. I am also excited to foster positive relationships with all of my students and their families. Here’s to an excellent year!

También, estoy aquí para ayudar a los estudiantes y familias latinas en todas maners. Si necesitan ayuda, pregúntame por favor. Si esres un estudiante y necesitas ayuda en los otros materias, estoy aquí para ayudarte también.

Please feel free to contact me any time!

Por favor, contactarme si necesita!