1-5 | Mrs. Fecteau


     NEWS:  Tues. 5/21 Science Chapter 5 TEST
                   Thurs. 5/23 Spring Show

This week we will focus on . . . 


Journeys story: Hi! Fly Guy

Chapter Book

Target Skill:Understanding Characters

Phonics: Suffixes -ful, -ly, -y

Grammar: Kinds of Sentences

End of week assessment(s) given at the end of the week covering
comprehension, phonics, vocabulary and spelling.

Spelling Words Suffixes –ful, -ly, -y   High Frequency Words

      sad                                                      caught 

      sadly                                                    listen

      slow                                                     minute

      slowly                                                   thought

      dust                                                     beautiful

      dusty                                                    took

      trick                                                      idea

      tricky                                                     friendship




* Persuasive writing: Choose a school day of the week and write about why you think others should agree with your choice.

* Interview a friend


* Journal writing


Chapter 12: Two-Dimensional Geometry
Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Square, Trapezoid, Hexagon
Sort shapes, Describe, Combine shapes
* Know how many sides and vertices in each shape 


*** Daily Prayer, Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary or Angel of God           and prayer before snack.

SCIENCE:   TEST Tues. 5/21

Chapter 5: The Sky

Lesson 1: The Sky Above
Vocabulary: Star, Sun

Lesson 2: Day and Night
Vocabulary: Rotation, Axis

Lesson 3: The Moon and Stars
Vocabulary: Moon, Phase, Star


   People's Actions Affect Others.

Lesson 1: We Are Citizens
    Vocabulary: Citizens, Rights, Responsibilities, Rules, Laws

Lesson 2: People and Authority
    Vocabulary: Authority, Government, Conflict

Lesson 3: Good Citizens Help
     Vocabulary: Service project, 

Please remember we are a PEANUT/NUT FREE room. No peanut/nut
products for snack in the classroom. Only dry snacks please. 
No: applesauce, yogurt, fruit cups, etc..  Thank you! 

                          WEEKLY SPECIALS

   Monday        Gym (10:15-10:55)

   Tuesday   Library(12:35-1:15)Music(1:15-1:55)

   Wednesday     Computer (10:55-11:35)

   Thursday      Art  (8:15-8:55)

   Friday        Spanish
               LUNCH 11:35 - 12:35 

GYM uniform: St. Thomas tee shirt, sweatshirt,navy blue sweatpants, sneakers and white socks.