1-5 | Mrs. Fecteau


                                                The Blessed Trinity​  

       NEWS:  Scholastic book order due by 9/28   

This week we will focus on . . .


Journeys story: What is a Pal?

Target Skill: Main Idea

Phonics: Short a

Grammar: Nouns

End of week assessment(s) given at the end of the week covering
comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, as well as, spelling.

Spelling Words                    High Frequency Words

      am                                                and

      at                                                  you

      sat                                                be

      man                                             play

      dad                                              help

      mat                                              with

      you                       A high frequency word is a word that is immediately    

      with                    recognized. Good readers instantly recognize high         

                                 frequency words without having to decode them.

Ideas to Practice High Frequency Words at home …

      * Write on index cards – Use as flashcards.

      * Write words out strips of paper, cut strips, throw strips on a table

         or floor and have your child read the words that landed face up.

      * Find and circle words in magazines or flyers.

      * Place word cards on the floor and they will jump to a card and

        say word out loud – Goal is to make it to the other side of room.


* Label pictures: 
   student focus on hearing letter sounds to write out words.

* Journal writing


Chapter 1 – Addition Concepts

We will continue to practice various concepts to solve addition problems. Some concepts are to model adding to, model putting together, add zero and add in any order. 


We Believe in the Blessed Trinity.

Discuss importance of God as the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Daily Prayer, Our Father, and prayer before snack.


Discuss the Scientific Method and how, as scientists,

the class will ask questions, conduct investigations and

experiments to learn more about the world and surroundings.


Where We Live

Introduction to Maps and map elements

Vocabulary: map, globe, location, Cardinal Direction

                        Symbol, map key.

                          WEEKLY SPECIALS

   Monday        Gym (10:15-10:55)

   Tuesday   Library(12:35-1:15)Music(1:15-1:55)

   Wednesday     Computer (10:55-11:35)

   Thursday      Art  (8:15-8:55)

   Friday        Spanish

GYM uniform: St. Thomas tee shirt, navy blue shorts, sneakers and white socks. 
** St. Thomas sweatpants and sweatshirts may be worn over shirts and shorts in colder weather.