Grade 5 Teacher

Welcome to Grade 5

  My name is Mrs Cammarota. I will be teaching fifth grade students Religion, Math, Science and Health this year.  

  Our Religion curriculum includes the understanding and the meeting of Jesus through  the seven sacraments. Each day we learn more about God and His love for us. The children will learn how Jesus shares His love with us. The students will culminate  our Religion studies with a Easter Para Liturgy. Through prayer and song our fifth graders will lead the STA school community through the story of Easter.  STA fifth graders take part in service projects, Class and Parish Masses, learning about the saints and our Para Liturgy. We hope to instill in each child a strong  faith to help them to love and serve as Jesus did. 

 Our Math curriculum prepares our students for the challenges of the NYS testing in grade 6. Through our GO Math program,  our students develop fluency skills with whole, decimal, and fractional numbers. We reinforce geometry vocabulary  and measurement skills. The students practice skills every day to improve accuracy and fluency. Reading for understanding is supported to help our students become real world problem solvers.  

  Our Science curriculum is supported by the NYS Next Generation Standards for Science. Our students explore how to be a better scientiststhrough inquiry and the use of the scientific method. We study our dynamic earth, and the  understanding of minerals, rocks and soil. Exploring ecosystems and the energy flow found in each environment enriches our understanding of the world. . Students develop a respect for the earth's resources and our responsibility to our environment. Science Engineering and Technology is developed in each unit to enhance our understanding of today's world. 

Our Health curriculum includes an understanding of proper food and nutrition to develop healthy children and adults.  Our HEPP program helps our students to develop good personal relationships and understanding the negative affects of drugs and alcohol.   Our classes use the Second Step Program from  the RVC Diocese to help our students develop empathy, understanding and good self esteem to grow up to be followers of Jesus in all their daily interactions. 

  We are a family at St Thomas and we hope to be able to help our students prepare and grow into good Catholic young adults.