Mrs. J. Barrett 3-16
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Third Grade donations for Field Day: 
Goldfish Cheddar crackers
Cheeze-Its, Rold Gold pretzels

Ramona Quimby  Chapter 7 Questions:
1.  What does Ramona discover about television commercials when she is home sick?
2.  How does Ramona feel about the letters her class sent her?
3.  Why does Ramona decide that it is Mrs. Whaley's job to like her?
4.  Pretend Ramona is in your class.  Write her a "Get Well" letter. 

Chapter 8 Questions:
1. What does Ramona think of the book Mrs. Whaley sent home for her book report?  How does she decide to "sell" it to her class?
2.  Why does Mrs. Whaley approve of Ramona's book report even though it didn't turn out the way Ramona planned?
3.  Why do you think Ramona finally had the courage to talk to Mrs.Whaley about being a nuisance?  
4.  Do you believe Mrs. Whaley's explanation?  Why or why not?

This month we will conclude the Easter season by celebrating the Ascension on May 10th. We will be having school on Ascension Thursday this year in order to make up snow days. Nonetheless we will still learn about the Ascension and Pentecost in class.      We start this month by finishing Unit 5 in our reader.  After that we will take the Unit 5 Benchmark Test.  This is a summation of the skills learned in Unit 5 given in the NYS test format.  We will finish the year by doing some reading in Unit 6 (a magazine) and reading the chapter book Ramona Quimby, Age 8.
Writing skills will be stressed this year.  Students will be writing across the curriculum and practicing how to respond to their reading.  Students will be graded using rubrics that include not only content, but also mechanics and grammar.  

In Math we have started Chapter 11 which concerns Perimeter and Area.   The students realize that their knowledge of multiplication is essential for them to be successful in all areas of third grade math. Toward this end we will continue with Flash Math every Friday.  Keep studying! 

The topic of our current Science Unit is Plant and Animal Adaptations.  In this unit we will study plant and animal life cycles.  We have been studying butterfly larva (caterpillars), which have now entered the pupa stage.  We hope they will soon hatch into butterflies!
  In Social Studies we are learning about the geography, history, people, government, and economy of the country of Italy.  

May 24, 2018

 Finish Ramona Questions ch. 8, if necessary.
Read for 20 minutes - out loud!

ELA: Book Report Poster Due June 1st!

Math: P 239 & 240
Practice Area and Perimeter on IXL.
Study all tables for Flash Mat

: Write words 1 X in script.

Social Studies:


Religion:  Chapter 17 test Wednesday 5/30.


Upcoming Tests/Projects

Religion Test next Wednesday

Book Report Poster Due June 1st
Spelling test every Friday unless otherwise noted.

There is a link in the Resources section for online versions of our textbooks.  Your child has their user name and password in their Planner.

Reminders:  Please check your child's Planner to make sure he/she has completed all parts of the homework.


There are links on the left side of the page that will take you to the directions for current assignments.  Also, on the Resources page you will find a Folder of Rubrics that are currently relevant to what we are doing.

  In the Resources section you will find 2 links to sites for parents concerning the Common Core.  Also, there is a link to the Math Vocabulary pages which are in the back of the Student Text.  Since the whole text itself rarely comes home, this site is available for you to access the new vocabulary. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Complete and correct uniforms are to be worn at all times!

   Only uniform sweaters may be worn in school. No sweat shirts! 

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