Mrs. Magarie 5-15

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 EXTRA HELP THIS WEEK - Dismissal at 3:30 in Courtyard.   

STA  Festival - Begins this Thursday and ends Sunday, June 3rd.

Field Day - Has been re-scheduled to Friday, June 8th 

Here is what we will cover this week of May 28th   

Reading:  This week we will begin Unit 6 in our Journeys Reader.  Lesson 26 is an informational text called "Animals on the Move".  Our secondary selection contains two poems, "Whales" and "Geese" that both focus on migration.  Our essential question this week: "What can people learn by reading about how different animals adapt & survive?

Target Skills: Text & Graphic Features & Visualization.  , Cause & Effect, Figurative Language & Imagery, Compare & Contrast.

Spelling/Vocabulary - This week's words contain 'word parts' as in 'com', 'pre', & 'pro':  complete, produce, prefer.

Grammar - This week we will work on Possessive Nouns

Vocabulary Workbook:  We continue working on Unit 11 with a quiz on this unit on Thursday, May 31st.

Writing - We have been working on our  5-6 paragraph writing assignment called "Our Philadelphia Trip Experience". We hope to finish our wonderful essays on Friday, June 1st.

Social Studies:   

Current Events Assignment:  
I will not be assigning any more Current Events articles on 
Google Classroom.  I am pleased that the children enjoyed reading them.  All Current Events articles will be compiled together as one 'Performance Task' assignment.

**A chapter book must be brought in to class for Silent Reading.  Books must be approved by me first.  The goal fot all fifth graders is to read 15 books this year.  Students will earn credit for reaching this goal.  As part of their reading grade, each Trimester, students must read at least 3 Chapter books.  All 'chapter books' must be approved by me. 


**Uniforms 'MUST' comply with the policy outlined in the Calendar Handout.  This includes nail polish and large hair bows.

**Dress Down Day-- Please note that NO SLIPPERS or OPEN SHOES/SANDALS are allowed on dress down days.

Dismissal:  It is very important that you email me or send in a note stating who, (other than the usual pick-up person), will be picking up your child.  This is for the safety & comfort for all involved and I appreciate your understanding to this matter.                          ‚Äč_____________________________________________

A memorial prayer for our dear classmate, Kaytlan Morrell, whose vibrant and
kind hearted spirit will forever stay in our hearts.


Another Leaf Has Fallen
                           Another leaf has fallen,
                           another soul has gone.
                      But still we have God's promises,
                            in every robin's song.
                          For she is in His heaven,
                           and though He takes away,
                        He always leaves to mortals,
                           the bright sun's kindly ray.
                       He leaves the fragrant blossoms,
                             and lovely forest, green.
                       And gives us new found comfort,
                            when we on Him will lean.

BE THE ONEOctober is National Bullying Prevention Awareness.
In addition to discussing ways  we can help prevent bullying, I had my fifth graders watch this video