ELA/Reading 7

Welcome to 7th Grade ELA & Reading

Mrs. LoPrinzi 

We are currently reading Greek myths from out reading textbook. 

*Extra help/AIS is now over.   

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April book report
Due date- April 30

Research paper packet click here Important dates inside!

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Online Reading textbook

Vocabulary tests

Book Log Questions Answer one question for every book you read toward your 25 books!


Each vocabulary quiz will have a fill-in section, synonym/antonym section, and a create your own sentence section. There will be a vocabulary quiz every other Friday. *Here is a link to games, puzzles, and the audio for the Vocabulary Workshop book - Vocabulary games


This course is designed to help you become an excellent writer, speaker, and listener. You will be practicing grammar skills and vocabulary to prepare you to write improved essays. A large portion of this course will be dedicated to help you to write strong Five Paragraph Essays. During the year, you will write various types of essays including autobiographies, character sketches, and comparison essays. Plus, you will improve your public speaking skills from a variety of exercises and recitations.

What will you be required to do for this course?

*Write, Write, Write!!* Actively participate in note taking for grammar lessons and completion of all grammar assignments.

* Follow the writing process of pre-write, write, edit, etc. for all written assignments. You will be writing essays at home, as well as completing them during class.

* Complete all homework assignments.

* Make recitations and oral presentations.

READING Scholastic Online Code: GPCX9

Go to www.scholastic.com/bookclubs for more information

This course is an introduction to literature. You will learn how to identify and compare key characteristics of literary genres - short stories, mysteries, fantasies, historical fiction, drama, and poetry. You will also read 2 historical fiction novels that will correspond to the Social Studies curriculum - The Witch of Blackbird Pond, and Chains.

What will you need to do for this course?


* You will be required to read the equivalent of 25 books by the end of the school year.

* Homework assignments to include independent reading.