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Weekly News
Dates to Remember

Black Cultural Celebration - Friday, March 22nd.  A few 2nd Graders will present their biographies on famous African Americans who impacted the lives of many Black people. 

ELA/Reading:  Our main reading selection is a Non Fiction story called “Where Do Polar Bears Live?”. Below highlights what skills we will be focusing on this week.  

Target Comprehension Strategies: Finding the Main Idea & Details 

Grammar: Adjectives

Vocabulary Strategies: Dictionary Entry - looking words up in a dictionary

Vocabulary Words to Know: snatch, snuggle, scramble, heave, scrape, ruffle, tumbles, surface

Spelling: winter, fox, seal, polar, blubber, warmer, wider, forever, swim, hunt, icy, cub, catch, summer; Bonus Word: extinct 

Writing: Informational Writing on Polar Bears

Math: We are finishing Chapter 6, (addition/Subtraction 3-digit numbers).  The children are doing well with adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers with regrouping.  We will finish up with Chapter 6 by Tuesday and have our Ch. 6 Assessment on Thursday.  We will then move on to Chapter 7 (Money).  

Religion: We will begin Ch. 19 (We Go in Peace to Share God's Love).   We will finish up on Tuesday and have a test on Wednesday.  
Important News:  Second Grade Retreat will be on Thursday, March 21st in the afternoon.

Social Studies:   
We are finishing up our
‘Women in History’, reading biographies and some students will present theirs at the Black Cultural Celebration on Friday.  
We will also read our Studies Weekly #15.  In this weekly, the topic focuses on both presidents and patriots who helped shaped our country. A quiz on this topic will be on Friday, March 22nd. 

We will have a re-take on the written part of our quiz on Forces & Motion.  We will then move on to Simple Machines.  

Have a great week!!!

 Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher