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Holy Communion :

Congratulations to all the Second Graders who made their First Holy Communion!  You all did a fantastic job and looked absolutely beautiful!!

May Crowning Mass:  Please join us on Tuesday, May 14th at 9 AM as we host the May Crowning Mass.  
***Important:  Children 'must' come to school in their Communion outfits & bring a change of clothing.  Those children who did not make their Communion 'must' come to school in their 'Sunday' best & bring in a change of clothing.  Thank you!!!

Weekly News

ELA/Reading:  Our story this week is a fairy tale called "Yen-Shen".  Our secondary reading selection is another fairy tale called "Cinderella".  Below are the skills we will be working on.

**Spelling/Phonics: vowel diphthongs  -ow  & -ou as in cow and found
**Grammar – Possessive Nouns                                                ** Vocabulary - Classify/Categorize           
iting -  Opinion Writing                              

Reading Skills – Compare/Contrast; Analyze/Evaluate

We begin Chapter 9 "Length in Metric Units".  We start out using base-ten unit cubes and then get ourselves familiar with a centimeter ruler.   

Social Studies: Our next unit is on Economics.  Some vocabulary words we will discuss: Goods, services, wants, needs, consumer, producer.  

Fifty Nifty States Project: The children are doing a wonderful job completing their outline of their States Poster.  So much energy is filled while working on this task...I love it!!!  We should finish up all posters by the end of this week.  Keep up the good work boys & girls!

Science:  We are now beginning our Plant Unit.  Lesson 1 is "What Plants Need"; Lesson 2 is "Plant Parts"; Lesson 3 is "How Plants are Alike and Different". 

Religion: We have been practicing for our May Crowning Mass which we will host this Tuesday, May 14th.    

                      Have a wonderful week!

 Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher