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2nd Grade News

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What We Are Learning:
Reading/ELA:  This week's main reading selection is a fictional story called "My Family".  Our secondary reading selection on poetry, called "Family Poetry".   
Our Essential Question is: "How are families alike and different?"

Reading Skills we will focus on:
   **Target Skills - Compare (how things are the same) & Contrast (how things are different)
    **Graphic Organizer: Reading & using a Venn diagram
   **Target Strategy - Questioning
   **Fluency - Accuracy; Words connected in a text
   **Vocabulary Strategy - Using a Glossary

ELA skills we will focus on:
   **Grammar - Complete Sentences
   **Spelling & Phonics - short vowel sounds 'e', 'o' &'u' words-- (Example words - hen, sock, nut)
   **Writing -  Children will learn how to write a short story of a life experience using the 5 W's & How-(Who, What, Where, When, & How)  

We will have a Weekly Reading/ELA Assessment at the end of each week.  This assessment covers Comprehension, Grammar, & Vocabulary based on the story of the week.  A Spelling test will also be given at the end of the week.  Assessments will be broken into parts to avoid overwhelming the children.  It is important that you go over all Spelling words each day with your child. 

Math: We are currently on Lesson 1.4 in our  GoMath textbook.  This lesson focuses on understanding place value and using a Place Value Chart.  We will then move on to how to write numbers in different ways.  Vocabulary in this lesson will be 'Expanded Form' and 'Standard Form'.  Please note that there will be math homework each night, (except Fridays).  It is important that children complete the assigned workbook pages to avoid falling behind with the content covered from the lesson.

Social Studies:  We are still on Geography - Map & Globes.  This week we will learn about different types of maps such as 'Political Maps', 'Thematic Maps' & 'World Maps'.  We will also work on a 'Where In the World Am I' flip book.
 We will also use a Studies Weekly booklet alongside our Social Studies textbook.  Each Studies Weekly booklet has additional resource material & activities to engage children in each lesson. 

Science:  So far we discussed the rules, policy, and behavior needed when working on any science activity or experiment.  This week we will talk about what a Scientist does and important steps needed when learning or discovering things around our world.  We will then begin our first topic on Earth's Resources.  Some of our work will be completed in our new STEM room making learning even more engaging for the children.  

Religion:  Second grade is a special year because the children will receive 2 sacraments; the Sacrament of Reconciliation & the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  Throughout the year until May, your child will be preparing for these two very important sacraments under the guidance of our Religious Education Director, Mrs. Pellegrino.  We will be using the We Believe textbook as well as other resource materials to help better prepare us.  

Have a great week!!
Mrs. Magarie   :0)