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                                                                                 Jan. 20,  2019
Dear Parents,

HOMEWORK ! As we move toward state testing time in April and May I will be sending home small packets to practice with . This weekend the children have a story from last year's ELA test as well as two math problems. On the reverse side of the math problems are division problems. We have reviewed placing the digit in the ones column and the remainder to the side. I am encouraging the children to write the subtraction down to find the remainder even though they often do it mentally. This is the beginning of long division. 

We will review the story in class . I would encourage students to use their hi-lighter and GO BACK in the story to find the answers if possible. Inference questions will take practice. 

 The children have  an outline to work with for their book report. They can gather the information at home but we will be making the trifold presentation in school NEXT WEEK. This is a great weekend to FINISH  reading the book! 


Field Trip : We will be traveling to the Whaling Museum in  Cold Spring Harbor on March 8! 

Please check out the photo of our class in Useful Links! We completed our service project and the students proudly held up a few of the donations! 


AFTER SCHOOL HELP IN MATH will be held every Wednesday. Pick up time will be 3:30 . Thank you! 


Mult. Quizzes Going Forward

Mondays: 2x3x;4x5x
Tuesdays: 6x7x
Wednesdays: 8x9x
Thursdays: mixed 
Friday : 10,11,12x

ELA:  BOOK REPORT !  All students will select a chapter book that is fiction . The report will be done in school using a file folder. The report will include new vocabulary words, theme, genre, setting, etc. Students will be rating their book and illustrate the cover as well as their favorite parts. Class time will be given for reading the book. Book reports must be completed by Jan. 25th.(all materials will be supplied to the students for this report)

 We will be Reading a radio play called "Invasion from Mars" by Howard Koch . As we discuss the genre of a play we will focus on dialogue, stage directions, and how the character's actions and feelings are shown through dialogue. 

Writing:  Informative ! We will be using the article about radio plays to analyze what elements go into this type of writing. Then each student will choose a topic to write about. 

Our Spelling words focus on the sound of u,oo,and yoo . 

Our Grammar focus this week -Main verbs and helping verbs and Linking verbs.

MATH  :  We have completed the mid chapter checkpoint and a quiz on the first 6 lessons. 
This week we will learn how to place the first digit in division. (Please note that I will be skipping the partial quotient method of division) By next week we should be doing Long Division!

TIMES TABLES :   PLEASE CONTINUE TO REVIEW AT HOME!!!  The chapter assessment may prove difficult for those who are weak in this area. 

RELIGION  Grade 4  : We are currently studying the 8 Beatitudes (Ch. 2) before returning to the Ten Commandments . 

RELIGION  Grade 5 : "The Coming of the Holy Spirit" is the title of Ch. 8 . In this chapter the students will learn about the Sacrament of Confirmation and discover its connection to Baptism. 

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 4) : This week we are learning about the Iroquois League and how it worked . 

We are reading a Scholastic article about Yolanda Renee King ,who is following in the footsteps of her famous grandfather ! Our Social Studies lessons are tying in with our ELA lessons as we review the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 5) : Thursday we will have a quiz on lesson 3. (pages 64-73).  Our next lesson focuses on the government of the United States. Some of the topics include the constitution, Federalism. The Bill of Rights, and citizenship.

All  children  have their user names and passwords for Think Central(math and reading) and IXL  (math practice site).Please note that the sign in for IXL math is their user name @apostle . They can try them out in Computer class. We do not yet have the ConnectEd passwords for science and social studies. 

     Recommended IXL for this week's math lessons are: 

Chapter 4 :   DIVISION !  USE the following IXL categories for Grade 4 :


E.13  and E.14 



Our READING LOG  is proceeding well !  Students may record one book a day and enter the date next to it.  

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at :



Mrs. Mulvihill