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             Help us celebrate our school!
STA School will be celebrating Catholic Schools Week beginning with 10:30AM Mass, on Sunday, January 27th.
Following our Mass families are invited to visit our school and classrooms to see the projects and activities that the children have been working on.
Please check the Tuesday mailing this week for updates on the events that will take place during Catholic Schools Week.

                            This Week's News

This week we will be introducing letter Oo.
Our lessons and activities will focus on the formation of the letter, the sound of letter Oo and its place in the alphabet. Our Alpha Tales story, Olive the Octopus's Day of Juggling, can be found on You Tube for your child to listen to at home.

We will be working with number 14. We will be counting to ten and adding 4 more. Writing  number 14 is a a good practice for numbers one and four too! 

We will continue to work on our snowy winter projects. The cold winter weather that we are having helps to get us in the winter mindset.

Keep warm and healthy!
Have a happy week.

Mrs. Pica
email      MPica5649@stthomasschool.net