N/Pre-K | Mrs. Pica

      We are Grateful and Blessed! 
               Nursery/ Pre K Happenings

Starting off~
A special thanks to our Parents Club members for sending us our Halloween treats.  The day was made festive with the yummy snacks and the children's great costumes.  The highlight was the fashion show where all the children had a chance to walk the runway and show his/ her costume.

Moving ahead~
As we move to our new week we will focus on the letter Hh and the number 7.  We will be working on recognition of letter Hh and number 7.  We will read stories and use multi sensory techniques to develop our pre writing and writing skills. Our weekly projects will center around these topics and of course our upcoming holiday...THANKSGIVING!

Smile:) Picture Day Is on the Way!
*Photo day is coming next Tuesday, November 6th. ALL CHILDREN are invited to attend school on this day so individual and group photos can be taken.

Special dates to remember  

Tuesday, November 6th~ Say CHEESE and SMILE!
Photo Day

Monday, November 12th~ Veterans Day

Have a blessed week!
Mrs. Pica
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