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                 Bring on SPRINGTIME!

This week we will be welcoming the season of spring.  We will be learning about the changes that begin to happen slowly in nature.  As the temperatures begin to warm up we can look forward to getting outside to visit our STA playground.


Our focus letter is Uu (unicorn, umbrella).

We will be listening to the Alpha Tales story Umbrellabird’s Umbrella.  Parents can visit YouTube to listen to this fun story and see how many Uu words your child can hear. This skill will help your child get ready to be a reader as time goes on.

We reached the number 20. That’s ten plus ten more!  There are many fun ways for us to build number sense. As we count we talk about small and large groups of objects. We use words like few, many, more and less. We touch and say our numbers as we are counting.


During this Lenten season we will be working to be extra cooperative and kind to our friends.


I wish you a healthy and happy week ahead~

Thanks so much for the many ways that you support our program and our school community.

Mrs. Pica





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