Art | Ms. Petruzzo

Welcome to Art!
My name is Ms. Petruzzo and I am looking forward to an exciting year of art with the kindergarten-eighth grade students at St. Thomas!  Please check back for updates on what our artists are creating!

Kindergarten and First Grade: Line Designs
We will be learning about six different types of lines!

Second and Third Grade: What's Your Superpower?
Second and Third graders will be creating artwork based on their own interests and strengths!

Fourth Grade: Self-Portraits
Fourth grade will be creating self portraits that demonstrate something they are interested in or enjoy doing.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Pop Art Portraits
We will be creating self-portraits in the style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: Graffiti Names
Seventh and Eighth graders will start off the year with some fun graffiti designs!  We will practice shading and blending colors with colored pencils.


For any 8th graders interested in applying to honors art programs, please refer to the link below for extra project ideas to help build an art portfolio.  See Miss Kiedaisch for any extra guidance!
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