Computers 6



In 6th Grade students will:

  • Follow computer class rules
  • Use Google Docs and MS Word for word processing
  • Explore computer graphics and drawing using MS Paint and Google Drawing
  • Learn how to use Google presentation expand use of PowerPoint
  • Learn how to use Google Spreadsheet and Excel
  • Learn how to share documents
  • Integrate subject area curriculum with Computer projects
  • Develop Internet research skills
  • Develop Computational Thinking through coding
  • Use a variety of interactive educational websites
  • Learn about Internet Safety and Internet Literacy
  • Investigate Ancient Technology
  • Become aware that technology is a human invention and we all have a responsibility to use technology for good, using our Catholic teaching to inform us as to what is good or bad. 

All assignments are completed and submitted in Google Classroom.

Practice Keyboarding

keyboard fingers