1st Grade

Math Extra Help
will meet on Tuesday After School. 

A big thank you to Mrs. Christy for coordinating our refreshment treats for the guests who came to our show.  You did an awesome job!! We thank all of our parents who sent in treats and of course, all of our children who performed with confidence! I am super proud of you!

This week Grade 1 will begin Unit 6 of our reading series.  Our first selection is a realistic fiction story called The Dot.  We will also be reading Artists Create Art!  We’ll have some fun creating art of our own.

Our comprehension skills will focus on comparing and contrasting~ as we look at how things are alike or not.

Our Phonics/ Spelling lessons will include a look at words that end with ed or ing, as well as the long e spelling patterns with y and ie.

Our weekly writing lessons will include writing sentences that express an opinion.


In Math we are working with greater, less than and equal to.  The children seem to be catching on- please let me know if you see a problem at homework time.  We will be learning to add ten more to a number.

Please work with your child to practice reading the clock and telling time.  We will work on
o’clock and thirty minutes after when we begin that chapter.

In Social Studies we will learn about the meaning of Memorial Day and some other important holidays.

We look forward to a Memorial Day Assembly on Friday afternoon. 

Please note school will be closed on Monday, May 28th for Memorial Day.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend ahead.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Pica

Parents~Check this out great site out.


*Some future topics we will work on will be measurement and time.  It is never too early to begin some “math chat” at home about these topics.  You could talk about why we measure objects (and people too!), such as furniture or *our height.  You could also talk about the different types of clocks (analog clocks- that show the numbers 1 through 12 and digital clocks that show the actual time in numbers).  Try putting a small alarm clock in your child’s room so he/she will be familiar with reading a clock, and get a sense of how time passes. 

*First Graders should read at least 25 books throughout this year. Monthly reports are an opportunity for students to read for fun outside of the classroom. 

Scholastic Book/Online Class Code H4TYL