1st Grade


All Saint Thomas students can dress down this week.  
Check our Tuesday mailer for our final events for the school year.

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend and some time spent with your family.

It is hard to believe that this is the last week of school.  Even though everyone is looking forward to some time away from school it is a bitter- sweet time.  We have spent many days together and have grown like a family. 

It was great to get to know my students.  I  watched them as they grew not only in height and age, but in their skills too!  

I thank all of my parents for your endless support given throughout the school year.  a great big thanks to Mrs. Christy, our class mom, for her willingness to help with whatever we needed for our parties.  We are blessed that she and Ronald joined our school STA parish and school community this year. 
A note to parents~
There will be a folder coming home this week with your child's report card, a list of words to practice and a book report packet to be worked on for September.  Keep this in a safe place so you will be able to locate it.
Please continue to guide your child as he/she moves on to their new class/grade.  Though a little older, the children will need your help with homework and studying.

Have a beautiful summer with your child.  Be safe! Try to enjoy many experiences together because that is how your child will develop a rich vocabulary and a greater understanding of our world.  

Happy, happy summer!
Mrs. Pica


Parents~ it isn’t too early to think about summer support/programs that will help your child maintain his/her academic growth.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with this.

A list of tutors will be coming home if you would like to have a STA teacher work with your child over the summer.


Have a beautiful week.

Mrs. Pica

Parents~Check this out great site out.


*Some future topics we will work on will be measurement and time.  It is never too early to begin some “math chat” at home about these topics.  You could talk about why we measure objects (and people too!), such as furniture or *our height.  You could also talk about the different types of clocks (analog clocks- that show the numbers 1 through 12 and digital clocks that show the actual time in numbers).  Try putting a small alarm clock in your child’s room so he/she will be familiar with reading a clock, and get a sense of how time passes. 

*First Graders should read at least 25 books throughout this year. Monthly reports are an opportunity for students to read for fun outside of the classroom. 

Scholastic Book/Online Class Code H4TYL


















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