Candy Sale 2018

Our Candy Sale is Complete!!!!
All Money was due by 
Friday, September 28th, 2018. If you have not yet returned your $60 Payment, you must bring it ASAP.  If your Class has won a prize, you will be unable to participate if your payment has not yet been returned!

Candy Sale Prizes 2018

Classes “Paid in Full”

Panera Cookie coupons for each student and their teacher

Mrs. Fecteau 1-5


Raffle Prizes

 1.                Cradle of Aviation, Firefighters Museum & Carousel for 2 
(2 prizes available)

Nova Sutton N-18

Nicholas Rivas PK-17

2.                2 Half-Hour Drum Lessons 
(2 prizes available)
Sean McCabe 6-8                Christian Lugo PK-18

3.                Book Worm Goodie Bags 
(4 prizes available)
Kiera Harding 6-9
Taylor McSherry 1-5
Evangeline Martelli 2-4
Sarah DeVeau N-17

4.                50 Munchkins Gift Certificate and Squishies Toy

Shannon Pulis 6-9

5.                Movie Tickets (3 prizes available)
Kelly Pulis 4-15
Joelle Semosh K-6
Liana Borja PK-18

6.                Music Lesson at Creative Corner

Lukas Santana 6-9

7.                3 games of Laser Tag at Q-ZAR

Aidan McGuigan 4-15

8.                $25 Thriftway Cards and Gifts Gift Certificate & Squishies Toy

Shannon Pulis 6-9

9.                Mets Swag Bags 
(2 prizes available)
Yatziya Camacho 6-8
Imani LaPrince-Parks 1-5

 10.           2 games at Epic Escape Rooms

Nicholas Spadafina 7-23

 11.           “Indian Summer” Fun Basket

Kayla Ayala 7-23

12.           Code Maker Game and Puzzle Toys

Evangeline Martelli 2-4

13.           Forget Me Not Gift Bag

Nalanie Crooks 5-14

14.           LI Ducks Swag Bag

Owen Hanley 4-15

15.           Paint Set & Painting for 2 at Creative Corner

Gianna Semosh 2-4

16.           $25 Matty’s Toy Stop Gift Certificate

Kamdyn Parham PK-19

17.           $25 Dave & Busters Game Card

Angelo Farfan 8-10


2nd Week Incentive: SanDee Lanes Family Bowling party for 5:

                             Anna & Anthony Biancanello

5Lb Chocolate Bars: for every family who sold at least 6 boxes of chocolate, but did not win a grand prize

Yatziya Camacho                             Evangeline Martelli
Sarah DeVeau                                  Samarah Harrison-Freeman
Kiera, Colin & Ella Harding             Taylor McSherry
Leyla Brice                                                


Pre-School Incentive with special raffles for all families who sold at least one box of chocolate.  They were given one raffle for each box of chocolate they paid for for a chance to win one of two prizes!

The winner of our LICM Family Pass is: Sarah DeVeau

The winner of our Bike is: Kamdyn Parham                              


Grand Prize Winners


Second Place: Averaging 3.32 boxes per student is Mrs. Fecteau’s Class, 1-5.  They will be having a slurpee dessert party in the cafeteria on October 17th

First Place: Averaging a whopping 4.2 boxes per student and winning a McDonald’s Lunch Party is Mrs. LoCascio’s Class! 6-9, you’ll be having your special McDonald’s lunch party during the month of October!

And as we all know, Mrs Mulvihill’s Class, in 4-15, won our first day incentive.  They were the class that returned the most money on our first day of the sale and they have won a special bagel lunch, also to be given during the month of October!


First Place:  Shannon and Kelly Pulis 37 boxes

Second Place:  Isaiah James 25 boxes

Third Place: Anna & Anthony Biancanello 14 boxes

Fourth Place:  Abigail Rousseau 13 boxes

Fifth Place:  Sean Leno 12 boxes