Candy Sale 2018

Once a family has sold 5 boxes of candy, they will receive a coupon, one per student, for a Mets T-Shirt of their choice, displayed by the Candy office. Valid throughout the duration of the sale, while supplies last.  Boxes must be paid in full by September 28th.

As of Thursday, September 20th:

We are currently at 34% of our $15,000 goal!

We are halfway through our sale and would LOVE to be halfway to our goal! Please bring your money in tomorrow and consider taking some extra boxes to sell this weekend!

Top Selling Class of the Day:

Congrats Ms. Kropac & 6-8
Yup, you're reading right, they did it again! Keep up the great work!!!!

They will once again enjoy bragging rights, and have Reese the Bear in their classroom for another day. 

Top Sellers:
1st Place:  12 boxes sold (5 more out)
2nd Place:   8 boxes sold (16 more out)
3rd Place:    6 boxes sold (2 more out)
4th Place (2 way TIE!): 5 boxes sold (one with 1 more out)

**This is a real close race! YOU could still be in the hunt for one of our
5 GRAND PRIZES! (see link for prize flyers below)

Remember every $30 in straight donation money is counted as selling 1 box of chocolate

*only boxes paid for by the end of the Candy Sale on 9/28/18 will count towards prizes (including Grand Prizes, Highest Selling Class and Raffle Prizes.  Outstanding boxes must be paid in full in order to collect any prize)

Additional boxes available from the Candy Office daily with a note sent in from home.  

If you did not plan to participate in our sale, UNOPENED boxes of chocolate were due back to the office by Friday, 9/14. Candy may not be returned after this date. A payment of $60 per box must be made by 9/28/18.

Look back here often to check up on our Top Sellers and watch for POP UP INCENTIVES during our sale!

Good Luck and Happy Selling!!!

***Please Remember: Each box of chocolate is $60 (30 bars at $2/bar).  Please make payment via a check made out to St. Thomas Parents Club