Clubs and Activities

St. Thomas the Apostle School offers the following extra-curricular clubs and activities.

*Algebra/Integrated :Math 9:  The program is offered Monday through Friday from 7:30-8AM before our regular school hours taught by Mr. Milteer. The guidelines for eligibility are listed under a separate heading:resources: Math 9 on our homepage.

*Art Club
Students will be able to demonstrate basic drawing and painting skills; understand the topics of composition, design and color theory and create a painting reflective of their favorite artist's style.

Grades 6-7-8
More details to follow.


Students in grades 1-8 may join our school band. Lessons are on Thursday afternoons. Instruction is provided by Paul Effman Music.

We presently have over 100 students who participate in this activity. Their performances can be enjoyed at our winter and spring concerts.

*Game Club

Ms. Durante's Game Club will provide students with an afternoon of games and socialization.  Students will take a break from homework and television and spend some time relaxing and enjoy getting to know their peers.

*Glee Club

Our students in grades 3-8 will meet during their lunch periods starting in September. Students will participate at various school events and masses. Moderator: Mr. Mazzitelli

*Mock Trial

7th and 8th grade students are invited to participate in the Diocesan Mock Trial Experience. Select students study the tenets of a real legal case.  During a ten week span, these students work on the various aspects of our legal system, the defense and prosecution's perspectives and present their case before a judge. Along with many other students from Catholic schools in our area, our students are given opportunities in oration, analyzing data and presentational skills.


*National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society is a prestigious organization with chapters throughout our country.  St. Thomas the Apostle School's chapter follows their guidelines and requirements for acceptance. Students in grades 7 & 8 must submit an application to the committee that reviews its contents. Students must demonstrate examples of service, leadership, citizenship,scholarship and exemplary character while maintaining an academic average of at least 85%(A's and B's). December's report card is reviewed for entrance. Honor roll status in grade 7 is required for at least one trimester for acceptance in grade 8. The installation ceremony is held once a year in January. These students embrace school wide projects that support local and national organizations such as Angels for Autism, The Heifer Organization, The Make Wish Foundation and The American Heart Association. Meetings are at lunchtime.
Moderators: Ms. Clemente and Mrs. Duhs

*Student Council

Our student council consists of elected officials-president, vice president, secretary and treasurer as well as class representatives from grades 3-8.

They are elected by their peers to be a vehicle for the total student population to express desires and concerns for school wide improvement as well a suggestions for spirit building activities. Along with the member of The National Junior Honor Society these students have raised fund to purchase books for underprivileged children in Africa, created care packages for our soldiers in Iraq, organized food drives,designed baskets for babies for Momma.Inc. a non-profit organization supporting teen moms and numerous other spirit building and mission related activities. 

Meetings are at lunchtime. Moderators: Mrs. Cammarota & Mr. Milteer

Theatre Program

The Backyard Players Theatre Program Workshops 
Details to follow.