Special Programs

In an effort to provide an all -inclusive educational curriculum for the students, supplementary programs are held for various grade levels throughout the year.


These programs include but are not limited to:


H.E.P.P. Health Education Prevention Program


H.E.P.P. is a ten week course provided to students in grades 1 through 8.  An outside educator from the Nassau County Dept. of Health instructs our students in topics including peer mediation, conflict resolution, drug prevention, and peer tolerance.


Family Life 


In conjunction with our religion program, our family life educational 

course work is taught in grades 5 and 6. In line with Jesus' gospel messages, this program focuses on the value of human life, conception, reproduction, and birth. Prior to the onset of this course study, parents are given an outline of the topics to be taught. 


If a parent does not want the child to participate in a particular program, a note should be written to the child's teacher.  An alternative activity will be provided.


Student Council


Our Student Council member are elected by their peers. Candidates wishing to run for office are required to submit their names to the Student Council moderators. Campaigning ensues two weeks before elections.


Students meet with the moderators to discuss activities and fund raisers to support local, national and global causes as well as spirit building endeavors.


Movie Viewing Policy


Audio-visual materials are often used as important teaching tools in the classroom forum. Occasionally, they are also used for entertainment purposes )for example, inclement weather at lunchtime

Educationally rated films as well as "G: rated entertainment movies are pre-approved by the principal and used by the teacher as standard procedure.


Films rated "PG" or "PG-13" may be used in special circumstances following these guidelines:


1. Approval  is given by the principal.

2. notice is sent home to parents in advance, with the option for the child to be excluded from viewing. An alternative assignment will then be provided.