Mrs. Lange Pre-Kf

School is closed on Monday, May 28 for Memorial Day! Our trip to Adventureland has been cancelled. It will not be re-scheduled! So come and enjoy the Family Festival starting May 31- June 3. Field Day will be on June 8th at the Fox Family home. It is held there every year! Please join us for a fun filled morning! Wednesday, June 13th: Our Moving Up Ceremony at 8:30am. This is our last day of school. Our special this week is Yoga.

We will have Show and Tell on Friday.

This week our letter is Zz and our number is 20. We will read stories, sing songs, and create art projects to learn these letter and number concepts.  Also, we will practice counting and writing them. Please reinforce these concepts at home. Thank You

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The children will play, socialize, and learn to take turns in our play centers.  Our table top activities will help them with their fine motor skills.  Please remind them to hold their crayons/markers the "school way" to help develop good writing habits.  We will practice our scissor cutting skills by using special scissors to cut paper and play dough.        
We will learn about Jesus and his great love for us through our SEEDS program, saying our prayers, and letting our "heart light" shine by being kind to one another.  

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Have a great week!