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Thank you for your interest in St. Thomas the Apostle School!

Please review this brief summary of our admissions process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school office at 516.481.9310. 

Admissions Policy

Preference for admission is extended to children whose parents are active members of the parish, who are moving into the parish or have siblings in attendance. Students will be accepted if they reside out of parish providing there are vacancies. Non-Catholic students from other Christian faiths are welcome at St. Thomas School and will be accepted if there are vacancies. Children of other faiths are expected to be present for and participate in religion classes and celebrations since we do not have special supervision during these times.


Nursery/PreK: To enter N/PreK Program, a child must have reached the age of 3 on or before December 1st of the year of registration.

Kindergarten: To enter Kindergarten, a child must have reached the age of 5 on or before December 1st of the year of registration. Performance on a readiness test must indicate that the child is sufficiently mature for Kindergarten.

Required Information:
1. Original baptismal and birth certificates and medical records including immunizations certificate with dates must be submitted at the time of registration.

2. A copy of the student's last two report cards as well as a copy of the scores of the student's last Standardized test must be submitted also at registration when students are transferring into St. Thomas School. acceptance will be based on the student's ability to perform the tasks appropriate to the curriculum of the particular grade level for which the student seeks admission.

3. Registration Fee: N/PreK through 8th - $250.00 which is non-refundable.