Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth

The Johns   Hopkins   University   Center for Talented Youth(CTY),a world leader in gifted education, conducts national and international talent searches to identify, assess, and recognize outstanding academic talent.

CTY seeks to develop the talents of our nation's brightest children by offering an array of academic services and programs. They are committed to finding and nurturing academic talent in all of
America 's neighborhoods and around the world.

Teachers nominate students who exhibit outstanding academic talent to participate in the annual Johns Hopkins University CTY Talent Search. The nominations are based on any of the following criteria:

Achievement at the 95th percentile or higher on one or more areas of a nationally normed standardized test.

Achievement at advanced levels on state tests, designated as scoring in categories such as advanced proficiency, distinguished, honors, or gifted.

Demonstration of superior academic performance.

The nomination of our students to the Johns Hopkins University CTY Talent Search is an honor in itself in that it recognizes your child's outstanding academic talent.

The CTY Talent Search has immediate and lasting benefits for our students. Tests taken through the Talent Search help students and parents with educational planning and appropriate placement throughout the student's school years. The student will take the School and College Ability Test, or SCAT. The SCAT is an above-grade-level test that assesses a child's math and verbal reasoning abilities. The students are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities such as CTY's Distance Education Programs offering a range of courses in math,science,social studies and the humanities. In addition summer course offerings are made available to students.



2014-15 Johns Hopkins Talent Search Candidates


Grade Two

Grace Andino
Isabella Grant
Ryan McGuigan
Christina Callahan
Alyssa LaFaille
Lukas Santana

Grade Three
Charles Bruno
Kieran Lawless
Suzeth Reyes

 Grade Four
James Daly
Hilary Heaney
Natalie Sheridan
Elizabeth Teleisha
Zaina Vallon

Grade Five

Ava Artusa
Steven Christophorou
Patrick Kasson
Jack Kenney
Victor Kuehhas
Brianna Maher
Conor McGuigan
Emily Neubauer
Amy Sofikitis


Grade Six

Morgan Binkis
Sylvia Blemur
Erin Daly
Devin Gomez
Jake Lang
Kiera Lapham
Grace Miller
Reilly Porzio
Arianna Torres

Grade Seven

Marcus Alaimo
Gwen Church
James Cicalese
Barbara DiScalafani
Summer Gaspard
Robert Gittens
McKenzie Holloway
Sam Joseph
Rebecca Millevoi
Madison Saverese
Kamwayne Vallon
Stephen Williamsen

Grade Eight

Chloe Benoit
Katherine Callahan
Valerie Diaz
Ariana Frerie
Colon Lawless
Samantha Morello
Sofia Picariello