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      We are Grateful and Blessed! 
               Nursery/ Pre K Happenings
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Monday is the 100th day of school! We will be working on counting activities together in class.

This is a great time to teach the concepts of counting and collecting objects at home.  Your child might like to collect stickers, crayons, Lego blocks or toy cars.  You can count in groups of ten to reach 100!  


    Love is in the air this week! 
We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th. 
All of our 3 day N/Pre K children are invited to join us in school on this day to help us celebrate. Wear some fun holiday colors and bring a great big smile.


This week we will be introducing letter Rr.

Our AlphaTales story is Rosie Rabbit’s Radish.  You can find the read aloud on Youtube for your child to enjoy at home. The children enjoy the repetition of hearing the story over.  They look forward to hearing about the fun characters and sharing their favorite part of the story.


Our number for the week is 17. We will be exploring ten plus seven more, more and less, and practice number writing too.


Our Nature Company experience is scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th.  If you have not yet sent in your payment, kindly do so as soon as you are able.

Just a reminder that STA School will be closed next week, February 18th -22nd.  Enjoy the time with your family.

Have a great week ahead!

Mrs. Pica


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