K-6 | Mr. Trapani

Weekly Specials:

Monday: Gym (10:55- 11:35)

Tuesday: Music (8:15-8:55)

Wednesday: Computer (1:55-2:30)

Thursday: Art (8:55- 9:35)

Friday: Spanish (1:15- 1:35) Library (9:35-10:15)


Students will wear their gym uniforms when coming to school on Mondays. 
St. Thomas sweatpants and sweatshirts may be worn over shorts and shirts in colder weather.


This Week's Focus: ELA



High-Frequency Words for Unit 4: 
find, from, but, this, came, on, will, into, your,
be, that, who

(A high-frequency word is a word that is immediately recognized as a whole and does not require word analysis for identification.)

Chapter 7
Students will be able to represent, count and write #s 11-19

Religion: We Learn about God with our Families

Social Studies: Geography, Landforms, The seven continents,