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       Thank you to all of the 1st and 2nd grade families that contributed to our Act of Service and donated yarn for the Knitting Club. Your donations are greatly appreciated! 

       NEWS:  Sun. 2/10:  Father-Daughter Dance

                     Thurs. 2/14:  Valentine's Day 

                     Fri. 2/15: Scholastic Book Order Due

This week we will focus on . . . 


Journeys story: Where Does Food Come From?

Author’s Purpose

Target Skill: Summarize

Phonics: Long Aa(ai,ay) Contractions ‘ll, ‘d,  

Grammar: Compound Sentences

End of week assessment(s) given at the end of the week covering
comprehension, phonics, vocabulary and spelling.

Spelling Words Long Aa (ai, ay)   High Frequency Words

      grain                                                   first

      sail                                                     food

      mail                                                    ground

      may                                                    right

      rain                                                     sometimes

      pain                                                    these

      day                                                     under

      stay                                                    your




* Non-Fiction Animal Research -Gather information from animal

   story based on specific topics: Facts, Characteristics, and


* Journal writing



Chapter 6: Count and Model Numbers

Review: Count by ones and tens up to 50 & 100, Model, Read and Write

Numbers from 100 to 110 and 110 to 120. Understand Tens and Ones.

** TEST – Tuesday 2/12

Chapter 7: Compare Numbers

Recognize which number or set is Greater Than or Less Than, Use symbols

> Greater, < Less to compare.


We Celebrate the Sacraments:

*** Daily Prayer, Our Father, Glory Be and prayer before snack.


All About Animals:  

Review Lessons 3 & 4

Lesson 4: Staying Alive: Adaptation, Camouflage, and other ways animals stay safe.


** Lesson 3 & 4 TEST – Thursday 2/14


Traditions and Holidays – Vocabulary, read, discuss the various ways life has changed from the past & now in family, work, community, and school.

LESSON 3: American Heroes – Text pages 32-39

** TEST – Friday 2/15

Please remember we are a PEANUT/NUT FREE room. No peanut/nut
products for snack in the classroom. Only dry snacks please. 
No: applesauce, yogurt, fruit cups, etc..  Thank you! 

                          WEEKLY SPECIALS

   Monday        Gym (10:15-10:55)

   Tuesday   Library(12:35-1:15)Music(1:15-1:55)

   Wednesday     Computer (10:55-11:35)

   Thursday      Art  (8:15-8:55)

   Friday        Spanish
               LUNCH 11:35 - 12:35 

GYM uniform: St. Thomas tee shirt, sweatshirt,navy blue sweatpants, sneakers and white socks.