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Weekly News

ELA/Reading:  Our story this week is an Informational Text called "Now and Ben".  Our secondary reading selection is another Informational Text called "A Model Citizen".  Below are the skills we will be working on.

**Spelling/Phonics: Longer words with the Long Vowels 'o' and 'e'
**Grammar – Adjectives and Adverbs                          ** Vocabulary - Root Words         
iting -  Response Essay/Opinion Writing                              

Reading Skills – Compare/Contrast; Using Context

We are almost finished with Chapter 10, "Measuring Data using Graphs".  In this chapter students will learn about collecting data, making graphs, and interpreting data.  A Chapter 10 Assessment is scheduled for Thursday, June 6th.  

Social Studies: We have been learning about Economics.  Some vocabulary words we will discuss: Goods, services, wants, needs, consumer, producer.  An Assessment on this unit is scheduled for Wednesday, June 5th. 

Science:  We are now on Lesson 3 is "How Plants are Alike and Different". We will continue learning about Plants & how they are important to all other living things.  We also observed our plants...they have sprouted!!  We will continue to take care of them until they grow a little more and then take them home.  An assessment on Plants is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11th.

Religion: We will begin Chapter 22 "God calls us to love and serve".  An assessment on this chapter is scheduled for Thursday, June 13th.

                      Have a wonderful week!

 Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher