2-4 | Mrs. Magarie


What's New This Week:

Important Information
School Closed: Feb. 18th – 22nd (Winter Break)


ELA/Reading: Our main reading selection is a biography called “My Name is Gabriella”.  Our secondary reading selection is based on poems about reading and writing. 

Spelling/Phonics: Words the long ‘e’ sound for y as in happy and puppy

Grammar: The Verb ‘Be’

Comprehension: Understanding Characters; Author’s Word Choice

Writing: Narrative Writing


Math: In Chapter 5 we are learning many strategies when subtracting with 2-digit numbers.  Some strategies we covered – Break Apart Numbers by ones & tens, using base ten blocks to model regrouping, and using bar models.

  In Chapters 15, 16 & 17, students will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Mass. In each lesson students willlearn that in the Eucharist, we remember and celebrate what Jesus did for us, learn that at Mass we are united to Jesus Christ and one another, and that the Liturgy of the Word is an integral part of the mass.


Social Studies/Science:

February Book Report Assignment:  This month, students will be working on a Biography Book Report.  A 2-liter soda bottle will be needed for this assignment.  Information on this report will be sent home Monday, Feb. 4th.

                          Have a great week!!!

                               Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher