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Weekly News

Full Days: Monday & Tuesday
Half Day: Wednesday - Noon Dismissal

ELA/Reading:  Our story this week is an Informational Text called "From Seed to Plant" by Gail Gibbons.  Our secondary reading selection is another Informational Text called "Super Soil".  Below are the skills we will be working on.

Spelling/Phonics – -au, -aw, -al, -o words such as soft, paw, call, and log

Grammar – More Irregular Verbs 
Vocabulary - Using Context      
Writing - Various forms of poetry & Easter writing                              

Reading Skills – Text & Graphic Features; Cause & Effect
**Due to the short week, there will be no Spelling or Reading test. 

Math: We reviewed our lessons on 'Time'.  An assessment on ‘Time’ is scheduled for Tuesday, April 16th.    

Social Studies: We reviewed our Studies Weekly on different cultures and a quiz will be tomorrow due to the half day on Wednesday.  

Science:  We will begin our chapter on exploring magnets when we come back from our Easter Break.  Some vocabulary words that will be covered are: repel – push away; attract – to bring towards; poles – north & south parts of a magnet that are opposite each other.     

Religion: It’s hard to believe that in a month the second graders will be receiving their First Holy Communion. We are doing fabulous in practicing our Communion songs as well as practicing receiving the Eucharist.  We finished Chapter 22 "God Calls Us to Love and Serve." We learned that everyone is called by God to love and serve. We will have a quiz on this chapter as well as read a short chapter on Easter and continue working on Easter activities.



Have a Blessed Easter Holiday!!

 Mrs. Magarie


"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today". 

by Stacia Tauscher