3-3 | Mrs. Mullane

We had a good week last week.  We need to keep working on our listening skills.  Please make sure your child brings a snack each day.

This week in reading we will be reading a story called "Mountains: Surviving Mount Everest".  The target skill this week is Main Idea and details in the story and the Target Strategy is inferring/predicting.

In Religion we will be starting chapter 12. In this chapter the children will learn that God calls each of us to serve Him in a particular way.

In Math we will be begin chapter 10 which is includes different types of measurement.  We will be starting with reading an analog clock.  So please work with your children on this at home.  Please be sure to practice the multiplication tables with your children.  It's an important skill they will need to take with them into 4th grade.     

In Science we will be learning about the life cycles of plants and animals.

In Social Studies we are learning all about China and will be doing many fun projects to go along with this final chapter in our social studies book.

Homework for the week:
Monday:  Read: reread pgs.346-363
 Do RN p. 149
Math: WB pgs. 193 & 194

      Spell: Last 10 words in sentences.
Tuesday:  Read: reread pgs. 346-363  Do RN p. 150
      Math: WB pgs. 195 & 196
      Spell: words 2x rainbow vowels pink, consonants green
Wednesday:  Read: reread both stories Do RN p. 155
      Math: WB pgs. 197 & 198
      Spell: words 2x ABC order
Thursday:  Read: read for 20 minutes. RN p. 157
      Math: WB pgs. 199 & 200
     Spell.-Words 1x to study for test. 
Have a great week!

Mrs. Mullane