3-3 | Mrs. Mullane

We had a good week last week.  We need to keep working on our listening skills.  Please make sure your child brings a snack each day.

This week in reading we will be reading a story called "The Kamishibai Man".  The target skill this week is Cause and Effect and the Target Strategy is monitoring and inference.

In Religion we will started chapter 4 which is about the beginning of the Church.   

In Math we will be continuing chapter 4 which is the multiplication.  If you would like to start teaching your children the multiplication tables that would be great.  We will be doing multiplication for a while.   

In Science we have finished up our chapter all about matter. We will be working on chapter 2 which is all about energy of the next few weeks.

In Social Studies we are learning all about our neighbor to the north, Canada.

Homework for the week:
Monday:  Read: reread pgs. 314-341
 Do RN p. 116
Math: WB pgs. 67 & 68

      Spell: (1st 10) words 2 more times
Tuesday:  Read: reread pgs. 318-341  Do RN p. 118
      Math: WB pgs. 69 & 70
      Spell: (last 10) words 2 more times
Wednesday:  Read: reread both stories Do RN p. 122
      Math: WB pgs. 71 & 72
      Spell: First 10 words in sentences.
Thursday:  Read: read for 20 minutes. RN p. 125
      Math: WB pgs. 73 & 74
     Spell.-Last 10 words in sentences. Study
Have a great week!

Mrs. Mullane