3-3 | Mrs. Mullane

We had a good week last week.  We need to keep working on our listening skills.  Please make sure your child brings a snack each day.

This week in reading we will be reading a story called "Aero and Officer Mike".  The target skill this week is Author's Purpose for writing the story and the Target Strategy is summarizing.

In Religion we will be starting chapter  which is about the beginning of the Church.   

In Math we will be continuing chapter 6 which is the beginning of division. Please be sure to practice the multiplication tables with your children.  It will help tremendously with division if they know their times tables.     

In Science we will be finishing up our chapter on energy with electricity. We will be working on circuits this week.  Next week we will be having a test on electricity.

In Social Studies we are learning all about our South Africa.

Homework for the week:
Monday:  Read: reread pgs.
 Do RN p. 116
Math: WB pgs. 113 & 114

Tuesday:  Read: reread pgs. 318-341  Do RN p. 118
      Math: WB pgs. 69 & 70
      Spell: (last 10) words 2 more times
Wednesday:  Read: reread both stories Do RN p. 122
      Math: WB pgs. 71 & 72
      Spell: First 10 words in sentences.
Thursday:  Read: read for 20 minutes. RN p. 125
      Math: WB pgs. 73 & 74
     Spell.-Last 10 words in sentences. Study
Have a great week!

Mrs. Mullane