4-15 | Mrs. Mulvihill
                                                                              Oct. 21, 2018
Dear Parents, 

We are so very grateful to Mrs. Leno and Mrs. Browne for all their time and effort with our class Bagel Party ! It was fantastic ! 

We are also grateful to our new CLASS PARENTS, MRS.HERNANDEZ AND MRS. DZIURA, for volunteering to coordinate our classroom celebrations this year. 


Monday :Grade 5 Religion Test Ch. 3 
Tues-Thurs. : IOWA Testing 
Thursday: Math Gr. 4 quiz on estimating products 

Mult. Quizzes Going Forward

Mondays: 2x3x
Tuesdays: 4x5x
Wednesdays: 6x7x
Thursdays: 8x9x/ mixed 

ELA:  This week we will read "My Librarian is a Camel". Our skills include cause and effect, quotation marks, and using dialog in narrative writing. Our spelling words focus on the sound of the letter "i". 

MATH  : This week we will continue working on our comparison problems and begin our estimation of products. Students will need to use their rounding knowledge .
In class we will discuss what an equation is . Students are allowed to bring the large textbook home for help at any time. Some students are still experiencing difficulty with their Think Central password. We are working on it! 
This week I will be sending home some problems that have appeared on past NY State tests  pertaining to the concepts from Chapter 1. This is an excellent way for the children ( and parents) to understand the state test (in the spring)  better. 

RELIGION (GRADE 4 ) : This week begins our study of the first commandment.  CHAPTER 9 NOTES ARE NOW LISTED IN USEFUL LINKS!!

RELIGION (GRADE 5): The Chapter 3 assessment will be given Monday. Chapter 4 begins our in  depth study of Baptism.  A small project will be given out this week and will be due next Monday. 

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 4) : This week concludes the study of NY seasons. We will next be looking at the resources of NY -both renewable and nonrenewable. We will be discussing why we need to conserve and how people can be considered a resource. What does the word economy mean? How do resources affect jobs and the economy?  

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 5) : Environmental Challenges! Students have formed small groups to work on presentations on natural disasters such as hurricanes , tornadoes, etc. They also will explore global warming and how to cope with it. Each group will present to the class- educating them on the topic, preparing a handout with interesting facts , a poster with facts/safety, and hopefully a slide presentation.  As a class we will work on a rubric and each group will be graded. 

All  children  have their user names and passwords for Think Central(math and reading) and IXL  (math practice site).Please note that the sign in for IXL math is their user name @apostle . They can try them out in Computer class. We do not yet have the ConnectEd passwords for science and social studies. 

     Recommended IXL for this week's math lessons are: 

Chapter 2    Lesson 2.3    (Friday) use IXL D.9   Lesson 2.4   D.14

Our READING LOG  has begun!! Students will write the name of the  CHAPTER BOOK   they have completed in the log. After 10 books students will receive a sticker. Another reward (not named yet!) will be given every 25th book. Please note : no graphic novels . 

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at :



Mrs. Mulvihill