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Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine's Day ! Please check all the treats that were enclosed with your child's valentines to ensure there are no allergy issues. Thank you!

The outline will be sent home tomorrow. All students must have book selected by then. There is a tear off to be returned by Thursday which will include the name and author of the book and a parent signature. 
The students will read the book and begin filling in the outline. We will begin writing the report the week after vacation. Other requirements are listed .  

Our beautiful laminated ( Thank you Mrs. LaMagna!) place mats and Valentine cards are ready to be delivered to a Catholic Charities Senior Center in Franklin Square on MONDAY,FEB. 11.  I will be meeting the director there between 3:15 and 3:30 . Unfortunately the seniors will have already gone home but the Director will bring photo release forms for any parents to fill out and pictures will be taken. Please think about stopping by with your child and joining me in the presentation. I would really appreciate having some of the "artists" with me. We can all be proud of our fourth graders who worked so hard on this worthy service project which coincided with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s  idea of a service day as well as Catholic Schools Week. 

Directions will be posted ASAP. 

Field Trip : We will be traveling to the Whaling Museum in  Cold Spring Harbor on March 8! THANK YOU to our 4 parents who have offered to accompany us! 

Please check out the photo of our class in Useful Links! We completed our service project and the students proudly held up a few of the donations! 


AFTER SCHOOL HELP IN MATH will be held every Wednesday. Pick up time will be 3:30 . Thank you! 


Friday: Chapter 2 
Mult. quizzes 

Mult. Quizzes Going Forward : Those who have not completed the battery of multiplication quizzes will tested on Fridays from now on .

ELA: We will be reviewing the vocabulary for Lesson 7 this week as well as rereading the selection,"Coming Distractions-Questioning Movies". On Friday the children will have an open book quiz on the reading selection. 

Biography for Black History Month : 
We will be discussing this next book report in class. It ties in perfectly with our focus in writing this month-informative writing! To eliminate the possibility of multiple students selecting the same person, I will ask each student to have 3 names they would like to research. Names will be drawn and they will have their first pick if no one else has yet selected it. 

Our Spelling words focus on the long and short sounds of oo. 

Our Grammar focus this week -Verb tenses :past ,present , and future
Sentence fragments and run ons

MATH  : We will conclude the division chapter this week . The test will begin on Wednesday. 

A study guide was reviewed in class today and sent home. 

Chapter 5 - factor and multiples will begin on Friday. It is a short chapter but vital. After that -FRACTIONS! 

RELIGION  Grade 4  : We are currently studying the 8 Beatitudes (Ch. 2) before returning to the Ten Commandments . 

RELIGION  Grade 5 :  Chapter 8 test will be returned on Wednesday. This week we begin Chapter 9-The Celebration of Confirmation.

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 4) : This week we are learning about the Iroquois League and how it worked . 

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 5) :  Our current lesson focuses on the government of the United States. Some of the topics include the constitution, Federalism. The Bill of Rights, and citizenship.
Wednesday - Quiz on Lesson 4 

All  children  have their user names and passwords for Think Central(math and reading) and IXL  (math practice site).Please note that the sign in for IXL math is their user name @apostle . They can try them out in Computer class. We do not yet have the ConnectEd passwords for science and social studies. 

     Recommended IXL for this week's math lessons are: 

Chapter 4 :   DIVISION !  USE the following IXL categories for Grade 4 :

E.1, E.4, E.7, E.8, E.9, E.13, E.14, E.15


Our READING LOG  is proceeding well !  Students may record one book a day and enter the date next to it.  

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at :



Mrs. Mulvihill