4-15 | Mrs. Mulvihill
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Dear Parents, 

$1.00 dress down day to benefit Mother Mary Breathe Easy 

Red White and Blue !!! (Flag Day )


IXL for Decimal review is posted below .

Please remember that EXTRA HELP has concluded for this school year. 


Tuesday  : Geometry assessment
Thursday : Decimal test 
Thursday : Religion test Ch. 18 
Friday ; Social Studies TEST cH. 5 

ELA: This week we are reading "Hurricanes" -an informational text. We will identify text and graphic features and their function in informational texts. We will also make inferences using the facts and details presented in the article.
Our grammar lessons include the proper usage of to,too, and two; their , there, and they're, ;and it's and its ;commonly confused words, and kinds of verbs . 
The spelling words are all compound words .

Chapter 9 continued ! We are learning to read decimals properly using the words tenths and hundredths.Before we address the use of decimals in money we will find equivalent fractions and decimals. 

IXL for Ch. 9:   (Relating Fractions and Decimals)

Lesson 9.1 and 9.2:   T.1,2,3,4,6,8
Lesson 9.3:   P.8 ; T.5,8
Lesson 9.4:   M.1
Lesson 9.5:  M.4,5
Lesson 9.6:  R.5,6
Lesson 9.7:  T.14,15,18,19 

RELIGION  Grade 4 : Our discussion this week has to do with the seventh commandment- You shall not steal. This commandment calls us to live out the peace and justice of Jesus Christ. The children will discover that God wants us to respect the property and dignity of all people. 

RELIGION  Grade 5 : In Chapter 11 the students learned about the importance of the Eucharist . In this chapter they will learn that there are many ways members of the Catholic church pray.

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 4) : We are discussing the American Revolution and the birth of a country. This week we will read about the fighting that took place in our own state. Our map skill will feature understanding what a map scale is and how to use it. 

SOCIAL STUDIES (GRADE 5) : We are currently discussing the physical geography of Latin America (Unit 4) . Of particular interest to the students is the history of the Panama Canal . 

All  children  have their user names and passwords for Think Central(math and reading) and IXL  (math practice site).Please note that the sign in for IXL math is their user name @apostle . They can try them out in Computer class. We do not yet have the ConnectEd passwords for science and social studies. 

If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at :



Mrs. Mulvihill