Reading/ELA Curriculum

     We use Journey's Reading Series.  Each unit covers different sets of genres that contain one main reading selection and one secondary reading selection.  Within each story are comprehension skills and vocabulary words that we focus on. 
     In addition, students have a Reader's Notebook.  This is a workbook where we complete our Spelling, Reading, & Grammar assignments.   We are also using a separate Phonics workbook to supplement the phonics portion from the reading series.
     Each week, we read a story and work on the Spelling, Grammar, & Comprehension skills.  Each Friday, we will have a Weekly Assessment that is broken into 3 sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, & Comprehension.  Each section contains 10 multiple choice questions. A rubric will be attached to each test.

     It is important that you review the Spelling & Vocabulary words each week and re-read the story of the week.