Important Information


There are five ELA assessments that will take on Thursdays and Fridays of most weeks.  Students will receive a spelling test, vocabulary test, reading comprehension test, phonics test, and grammar test.  

**Students will have advance notice of upcoming tests in other subject areas in order to prepare for them.

One folder will be used for classwork, homework, and any notices from the main office or from me.  Please make sure to check that folder each day.  If you have any questions or concerns that need immediate attention, please leave a note for me in the folder. Please let your child know that you have a note for me in the folder. If it requires a response, you will have it by the end of the school day.

I can also be reached by email.  Since I cannot guarantee that I will read the email during the school day, please do not expect an immediate response.  I will respond as soon as possible. Our morning routine will require that students empty folder and place notes and homework in specific bins.

Student Agenda Books: 
 Students will be copying homework from the Homework Board Monday through Thursday in their agenda books.  They will bring this home each night, along with the proper books for homework.  The purpose of this is to teach students to be responsible for completing all assignments.

All homework must be written in pencil.  Students will use a proper heading when completing homework in their notebooks. We will practice this in school.

Snack/Lunch:  Please pack healthy snacks and lunch, including water.  When ordering lunch, please put lunch coupon (or money on Pizza Friday) in an envelope and label it with your child’s name and what lunch and type of milk.  ENVELOPE MUST BE PUT IN FOLDER. Also, please let your child know that you are ordering lunch for him or her that day.  

Dismissal Change:  If you have a last minute dismissal change, please write a note and place in folder.  Please remind your child that you have a note for me in the folder.  You can also call the main office, and they will alert me as to the change.

Uniforms/Dress Down Days:  Please follow the uniform and Dress Down guidelines in the Student Handbook.  Dress Down Day attire must be age appropriate.

 Photos will be taken throughout the school year for projects, displays, and our website.  If you do not want your child’s picture displayed in the school or on the website, please notify me in writing.  Thanks!

Birthday Celebrations:  We will celebrate each birthday with a peanut free treat that you provide.Please keep the treats as simply as possible. Drinks are not necessary, but napkins would be appreciated. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June.

Labels:  It is important to label all items such as lunchboxes, backpacks, notebooks, folders, sweaters, ties, etc.

Absences:  Please call the office if your child will be absent from school that day.  Upon returning to school, please provide an absence note in your child’s folder.

Electronics Devices and Toys:
  Students must keep these items in their backpacks.