Tomorrow's Hope (English)

2019-2020 Scholarship Process: FACTS Application Checklist
What will I need to complete the application?
✓ If you choose to apply online, all aspects must be done online by visiting
✓ If you choose to complete a paper application, all aspects must be mailed to FACTS.
1. Copies of your 2018 Tax Return including Sections C, E, F
✓ If an applicant & co-application file taxes separately, both tax returns are required
✓ If you have not done your taxes yet, save your online application. You can upload the documents when they become available.
✓ If an applicant does not file, there is an option to waive the financial documents at the end of the application
*Please ask your FACTS assistant for help*
2. Copies of your 2018 W-2
✓ If there is an applicant & co-applicant on your application, both W-2s are required
✓ If you work off the books, please bring a form of documentation
3. *If this applies to you*, copies of supporting documents for household non-taxed income such as:
✓ Social Security Income
✓ Welfare
✓ Food Stamps
✓ Worker’s Comp
4. Application fee
✓ $35 check or money order for paper applications
✓ $35 credit card # or bank account information for online applications