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                                         May 24, 2018

Dear Parents ,


Friday is a DRESS DOWN DAY :Red , white and blue 
  $1.00 optional to purchase a fabric poppy 

On Friday afternoon we will have an assembly program which focuses our attention on Memorial Day.

AI S-  for Math is after school each Tuesday unless otherwise stated .  Pick up time is 3:30.

PIZZA - Please remember that orders must be in by Wednesday.

**Please check your child's planner to ensure they are doing all their homework. Each night the books to be packed are written on the board. The science, social studies, and math book are accessible online under USEFUL LINKS. 
The passwords are in the back of each student's folder. 

Please refer to the Homework section for the list of upcoming tests and quizzes. 

Chapter 22 -

 The Ninth Commandment   -You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.

At first glance this commandment does not seem to apply to many of us. Yet , when we study the commandment more carefully, we realize it offers other timely challenges. We are directed toward purity of heart and modesty . 

We hope to finish the chapter this week . I will announce the day of the test tomorrow. 

This week we will be working quite a bit with mixed numbers . We will subtract with renaming and explore the various properties of addition as they apply to fractions. I anticipate the Chapter 7 test to be after the Memorial Day weekend. 

IXL : 

Chapter 7 

Lesson 7.2-
Q.1, Q.2, Q.3 
Lesson 7.3 -  Q.4
Leson 7.4- Q.6
Lesson 7.5-  Q.8, Q.9, Q.11 
Lesson 7.6 - P.4, P.23 
Lesson 7.7 - Q.14
Lesson 7.8 - Q.14  


This week we are learning about producers, consumers, decomposers, food chains, and food webs. What is an energy pyramid? We will soon know. The bean seeds which were planted in regular soil have become plants. The bean seeds which were planted in polluted soil show no signs of growth - as most students predicted. 

Ellen Mulvihill

 As always please email me with any questions and concerns. emulvihill5649   Large Green Fireworks.png



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