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  Math -  Workbook pages 165-166, complete all (graded)
               Study for test

Science - Read pages 134 - 140, complete questions 1-6 pages 151, in notebook


  Math - IXLMath Grade 5  Complete K5 and K6  20 of each

 Homework - May 16
  Math - Workbook page 160

  Science - Read pages 134 to 140, test Monday

 May 15 - Homework

 Math - Workbook page 158

 Science - Read pages 138, 139, and 140, Blue questions on loose leaf.

 May 14 - Homework

   Math - Workbook pages 155  - 156

   Religion - Text pages 192-193-194

May 9 - Homework
 Math - Workbook pages 154 and 192

 Science - Read pages 134 to 136, blue questions (4) on loose leaf 

 May 8 - Homework

 Math - Workbook page 152

May 7 - Homework

  Math   Complete workbook page 150

  Science - Finish workbook pages 39-40-41 and 43 to review for assessment

  Religion - Finish text pages 180 -181 and 182

May 3 - Homework

   Math - Textbook page 385 and 386, graded assignment

   Health - Science Textbook page 169, # 1 to 6 on loose leaf

   Religion -  Read textbook pages 176 to 179

 May 1 - Homework

 Math - Workbook page 142, remember to show all work on loose leaf.                     Study for chapter test tomorrow

  Science - Read pages 124 to 128

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Exploring the fifth grade curriculum has been both exciting and educational this school year. Each day we strive to excel in understanding  important vocabulary and concepts in each discipline. Catholic Schools Week was a wonderful showcase of our learning activities this school year.

In Math, we continue our goals of the Next Generation Learning Standards program. Our students are developing fluency with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. The students are solving math problems relating to the real world each day .  Mastery of each math concept is a building block for future skills. Students are learning to read all directions carefully. Using our base ten manipulatives, we visualize math strategies to better understand concepts. Each day progress is made to improve fluency, precision, and rigor in all math assignments.

Discovering how living things interact with one another in the environment is our focus in science class. We are becoming better scientists by improving our inquiry skills. Our class explored working with measuring tools. They created a science journal to record both quantitative and qualitative data.  Measuring carefully, we created a scale drawing of our classroom, improved consistency by repeating a task with little variation, and discovered the contents of a mystery box by recording measurements and observations. Our science curriculum helps us to understand the role of a scientist and how numbers can give meaning and accuracy to scientific research. Do you know where most volcanoes are located?   Grade 5 continued their scientific explorations to answer this question. Using our Ipads, we collaborated in small groups to research types and classes of volcanoes. Presentations of our findings, and locating the volcanoes on a world map, to create the Ring of Fire, concluded our investigation. Fifth grade will continue to study how different geologic events can change our landforms over time.

Prayer each day helps our students to learn about their loving God and the wonderful stories of His Son, Jesus. This year we experience God’s great love for us through the seven sacraments. Our students created Baptism remembrances  and renewed their baptismal promises during a class prayer service. Jesus strengthens us in the sacrament of Confirmation. As students preparing for Confirmation in the future, we shared different ways to become better witnesses to the Good News in our daily lives.    Our class performed our Easter Para Liturgy. Our production included the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord. We thank our wonderful parents for their support and help for this class play. With your continued love, help and guidance, our fifth graders will faithfully grow as disciples of Jesus each day.

                                        Grade 5!!!

     My name is Mrs. Jean Cammarota and I am so happy to be able to share the educational growth of your children this year.  I am so blessed to be teaching at St. Thomas for many years and look forward to adding your child to my daytime family this school year. Below are links to help your child reinforce skills. 

In Math we will continue the goals of the Next Generation Mathematics Program. Our students will develop fluency with whole numbers, decimal numbers, and fractions. Our students will solve Math problems relating to the real world. Each Math concept is a building block for future Math skills. We will learn to read all directions carefully.We will use a manipulative and illustrations to help us visualize Math strategies and better understand  Math concepts. We encourage that all Math responses have computation or illustrations for support. Each day we work to develop better fluency and precision in all Math assignments. Please reinforce this progress by completing math skills using the IXLMath website frequently. Below are links for various sites that can help reinforce math skills. #LET'SSOARTOMATHSUCCESS


Prayer each day helps our students to learn about their loving God and the wonderful stories of His Son, Jesus. We will learn about God’s great love for us through the seven sacraments. Please support our Religion curriculum and help plant the seeds of faith by sharing with your children.

We look forward to a wonderful and educational school year and I wish your children the peace and grace of our Lord at St Thomas!!

If you want to soar to Math Success, review all multiplication facts. Multiplication fluency is the key to Math Success in Grade 5. Try to play multiplication games and tasks to improve multiplication recall.

Math Textbook and Review Materials can be found at this link.

Math Textbook

IXL Math

Science Textbook can be found at this link

Science Textbook

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