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News from 8-21

Important Dates for November

~November 16th- The Nutcracker at Sacred Heart
~ November 21st- School Mass
~ November 22nd- Half day
~ November 23-24- Thanksgiving Recess
! November 30th- Trimester 1 ends
Uniform Reminders
~Boys and Girls: Khaki shorts, navy, short sleeved polo shirt with school logo, navy or white socks, and sneakers.
~Gym Uniform: Light grey STA t-shirt with logo, navy blue mesh shorts, navy sweatshirt and sweatpants with school logo, white socks and sneakers. Students who come to school without the proper gym attire will not be allowed to participate in gym.
​~No nail polish unless it is a very light pink or clear.
​~No hair that is dyed.

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