• Our Mission

    St. Thomas the Apostle School has challenged students to be the best they can be under the mission statement of “To Teach, Build Community, and Serve.”

    We are an APOSTLE school, dedicated to following and integrating Jesus’ message of peace, hope, and love into our daily lives.  Ours is a mission of evolvement to meet the diverse needs of our students, parents, parish and community.  As a religious academic institution, we assume a developmental role.  Learning is an active, transformational process.  Students, teachers, parents, and administrative staff are recognized as individuals of ever-evolving abilities and gifts.

    We are APOSTLES. Our mission is a continuous pilgrimage. Our relationship to God and to each other, as expressed in Scripture, Catholic doctrine, and tradition is one of infinite possibilities. We are a school of dedication and endless commitment displayed by its faculty, administration, students and parents on a daily basis.

    Within this Christian atmosphere, camaraderie and concern for each other is the thread that binds us together. A focus on basic academic skills, critical and creative thinking, global studies, environmental issues, and appreciation for the diversity among all of us permeates all we undertake.

    We operate on the belief that all children have the ability to learn on their level in their own time. We respect their differences of learning and provide them with opportunities to thrive in various modalities. As our students progress through the grade levels, combinations of concrete and abstract operations are utilized. All endeavors are designed to motivate productive thinkers! We capitalize on our students’ strengths and work to remediate their weaknesses.

    Our APOSTOLIC mission is carried out in an atmosphere of Beatitude Living. A spiritual perspective is first initiated in the home and then reinforced in the school through the efforts of Christian role models.  Spiritual growth is a journey towards God. It is faith-filled action. Our children are APOSTLES, young disciples, taught to practice their religion. These actions have been demonstrated through numerous activities we have accomplished as we assist our neighbors on a local, national and global front.