Extra Help

  • Students in need of remediation in a given subject area may partake in our extra help sessions. These sessions will be provided after school on a day designated by each teacher. If a child is having difficulty with a particular subject's concept, the parent is asked to email or send a note to the teacher one day in advance for his/her attendance for that week. 

    In addition, teachers will communicate with parents of children whom they wish to invite to extra help. Children who did not reach competency on the New York State Testing Program will be invited to attend these extra help sessions. The areas of testing IN NYS are in Grades 4 and 6 in Math and ELA. 

    Each homeroom teacher has designated either Tuesday or Wednesday for their extra help session. Please check their class page. All extra help sessions dismiss at 3:30PM to our schoolyard.

    We also provide Reading Remediation to children in Grades 1,2,and 3. Students are selected to receive Remedial Reading based on the following criteria: Metropolitan test results (Grades K,1); Iowas; Cogats test results (Grades 2-7); report card assessments; Remedial Reading diagnosis; resource room information; classroom evaluation; teacher input-previous year and present.