School Board

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    St. Thomas the Apostle School Board assists in developing policies that govern the operation of our school and promotes the implementation of these policies (such as tuition, enrollment, volunteering, communication and facilities).  

    The Board acts as an advisory committee to the Principal of St. Thomas the Apostle School and the Pastor of St. Thomas the Apostle Church. The Board develops policies through committees and meetings, and reports their recommendations to the Principal and Pastor. The execution and enforcement of these policies are the exclusive responsibility of the Principal and school staff.  

    St. Thomas School Board Members

    President: Lori Lang,

    Vice-President & Secretary: Maryann Harding

    Mike Dolan
    Tanya Fernandez
    Bill Inman
    Greg Kuehhas
    Sal LaMagna
    Sean Lapham
    Tami McSherry